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The Employee Engagement Awards Names Dr. Russ as 2019 Top 101 Global Engagement Influencer

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All About Amplified Research

Amplified Research + Consulting, LLC (Amplified Research) is a firm that focuses on qualitative research and organizational development and learning consulting services.  Our expertise is in employee engagement, employee voice and silence, talent management and change management.  Through these constructs, we provide solutions that have positive impacts on worker and organizational outcomes.

We use our research to storytell experiences to help organizations better understand their entity, industry, employees and stakeholders.  Our consulting services utilize assessments, support, consulting and on-demand products to impact talent management, developing strong and inspiring leaders, and the creation of open and safe cultures.

Who’s Turning Up The Volume?

Russell Robinson is a thought leader and qualitative researcher and the founder of Amplified Research and Consulting, LLC.  His work encompasses conducting research and providing solutions to employee engagement, employee voice and change management challenges.  Additionally, Russell is a United States-based civil servant, who works with public sector leaders on being strong and inspiring, selecting and developing talent, and creating an open and safe culture.  As a passionate champion of employee engagement and employee voice, Russell has spoken at several domestic and international conferences focusing on aspects that improve the workforce experience for civil servants. 

Russell holds a Doctor of Education degree in Higher Organizational Learning from George Washington University.  He received his Master’s in Public Administration degree from American University and his Bachelor of Science in Business degree from the University of Dayton.